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Beautiful paper tag

Apr 16, 2018

From the texture point of view, the material for the tag is mostly paper, plastic and metal. In addition, new types of tags made of holographic security materials also appeared. From the point of view of its shape, it is even more diverse: long, double, round, triangular, pocket-in-bag, and other special shapes are truly colorful.

The design and printing of the clothing tag are often very exquisite, and the content is very extensive. Although each garment company's tag has its own characteristics, most of them have name, factory address, telephone number, zip code, logo, etc. printed on the tag.

Although the clothing tag is small, it is a link between consumers and fashion itself. It is an inevitable result of modern fashion culture. It has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of apparel companies and promoting products. Therefore, if you compare the tag to the brand name of fashion, then it is more appropriate. However, it is regrettable that a considerable number of apparel companies still lack understanding of this point, and even some fashion brands that are well-known in the country have not yet registered trademarks. This gives speculators an advantage. machine. Once such products are counterfeited, they will not be protected by law.