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before christmas coming, it is time for choose a gift box

Aug 11, 2017

December is the best month for sellers.  Purchase requisition from all the people who celebrate Christmas will highly increase in December. you may have become aware of the benefits of that but trust me:  there is a bigger market for you to explore.

Although Purchase requisition is rising but actually for one single month it is almost fixed. That means if you want more orders, you must “rob” orders from competitor. I trust most of you are not creative factory. All you are selling can been seem in your competitors’. Product is the same so what makes the difference? : Your services. Your after-sale service, your introduction for the products with the patience and what we are talking today : Packing. Exquisite packing.

For both online or real store sellers.  It is very important for you to say gift wrap available in December. You gift packing counts very much for most of orders are gifts for buyers’ children, wife an so on.

I trust if you pay little more attention to your gift packing, make it the best packing. Your buyer will feel your sincerity and keep buying from you.

gift box.pngdiy gift box.png