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Development prospect of kraft paper bags

Dec 23, 2016

After more than half a century of time, development of kraft paper shopping bags can be sailed through material improvements in the quality of its carrying capacity continuously enhanced, looks more attractive, making businesses will also be a variety of trademarks, exquisite designs printed on a paper bag into commercial premises in high street stores. By the middle of the 20th century, history of the emergence of shopping bags plastic shopping bags have a major reform. Quality of plastic shopping bags by virtue of its low price, strong, light and other advantages eclipsed once kraft bag of infinite beauty. Since then, plastic bags have become a life choice cow belt "stepped back". Finally, brown paper bag can only use "environmental protection", "nature", "nostalgia" were used in a relatively small number of books in the wrapping paper, clothes, audio and video products.
Later, as opposed to the prevalent culture of using plastic bags in the world, environmentalists and looking at the old brown paper bag. McDonald's in China since 2006, and gradually to all stores in brown paper bags to serve takeout food, instead of the use of plastic bags. This initiative has received positive responses from other businesses, have started to use kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags.