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Do you know how many paper bag methods of printing

Nov 24, 2017

As a professional packaging company for many years, i think many of distributors or end customers wants to know the difference between different printings, but as we know, Rome was not built in a day, and also along with pintings, it can not total understand what are they different via one artical or one day, it need us to practise time by time. Generaly speaking, printings include offset printing, silkprinting, intaglio, letterpress, flexography. 

Offset printing, it mainly finished by printing machine like Haideberg. And it is the most popular ways in packaging industry. It can display multi option colors and it can fix well in tiny parts. Even though it has lots of advantages, we still need to notice some tips:

First the resolution of external packaging paper picture affects the final printing effect. If it is too small, it is easy to appear fuzzy phenomenon.

Second outside the packaging paper bag on the small text, try not to use color, so it is easy to appear chromatically inaccurate situation.

Third the outer packing bag should be avoided in the design of color full page layout, it will affect the use effect


Silkprinting. Transfer the ink through holes to the outer packing paper bag through the special pressure, and finally realize the printing effect what we expected. But we also need to notice tip of mould making. In the process of silk screen printing, as long as attention to mould design, there will no problem


Finally, let's talk abot flexography.  Flexography have great version impact when it finished. But that is bad impression if print words or lines too small to see it clearly, the other it is not easy to print it so precise. One more thing, we must try our best to avoiding print white words or patterns on white paper bag or paper box. 

In fact, offset printing and silkprinting are most popular way, and it is also economic way for clients. So, it is better for you to select economic way.