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Fierce competition in the industry, product emphasizing innovation in individual packaging

Dec 23, 2016

They say clothes make the man, beautiful beautiful outfit, commodities also needs to look at the packaging to set off, good products should start from packaging. Color box packaging and clothing design and art, and pay attention to personal, beautiful, creative, and environmental protection. Product developers in the product packaging and foot work, specially invited designers to design the packaging of the product, when you want to launch, from the first sample will be able to attract the consumer's attention, stimulate the desire to buy. Packaging designed for consumer services, ranging from consumer use, like packaging design point of view the most basic starting point. Therefore, changes in consumption patterns have important implications for carton packaging designs. Enter the rapid development of science and technology information today, living and consumption patterns have undergone great changes. From the development of 20th century packaging, like POP packaging, portable packaging, cans, packaging, vacuum packaging and other forms of pressure spray thrown up, none caused by consumer demand results.