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Flexo printing technology in packaging industry

Dec 23, 2016

1, registering printed exactly the same accurate precision;
2, the volume takes a variety of orders;
3, light, very few defective products;
4, the thickness of a piece of molding, the volume has no effect;
5, low cost for a single fast;
6, simple proposition of processes and operations;
7, high productivity, high return;
8, environmental protection, energy conservation, paper bag upgrades with technical support.
So far, a paper plate costs common between 4000 to 8000. Flexo printing plates use digital format natural resins, multicolour printing precision are greatly enhanced, to avoid chromatic aberration, formed the perfect icing. Thickness of 3.94mm natural resins for printing, flexo manufacturing costs per square centimeter about 0.093 ~0.16 Yuan, 40%~50% of the printing plate can save costs on their own.