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How to make a brown paper bag

Dec 23, 2016

1, small white kraft paper bag, this bag is big enough, use a wide, because many businesses require this kraft paper bags of cheap and durable, usually kraft paper bags and this is the machine, machines put rope, which operates entirely by machine.
2, medium brown paper bag of practices, normally, medium brown paper bag was machine posted by human hand after sticking a rope and made into a brown paper bag, because the domestic kraft paper bag molding equipment by size
Restrictions, and brown paper bag stick wire machine only smaller bags of string, so brown paper bag machine restrictions on the practice. Many bags is no way was completed by machines alone.
3, big bags, kraft paper bags with the anti-head, thick yellow-brown paper bags, kraft paper bag approach to pure hand-made, so far China has not been able to solve these brown paper bag forming machines, only handmade, these brown paper bag production cost is high, not a large number.
4, regardless of the kraft paper bags above, if the number is not large enough pure hand-made, because loss machine made of paper bags, is no way to approach to the small number of paper bags.

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