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Paper bag printing before sedan need to pay attention to what

Dec 23, 2016

1. different type of paper bags need spell in a Zhang printing version Shang for printing Shi, if imposition Shi tones same or similar of products no spell in same longitudinal location Shang, may will appeared a, paragraph products can reached proofing draft standard, b paragraph products basic close proofing draft standard, c paragraph products and proofing draft has minor chromatic aberration, d paragraph products and proofing draft chromatic aberration larger of phenomenon. Therefore, at the time of imposition should be warm and cold tones, midtones on the product at the same vertical position, in order to print out quality products.
2. paper bag pattern imposition if the graphic part of the tray is placed in its mouth, and drag-and-drop is not a continuous tone image, is a flat screen or field, then paper bag printing is easy to produce "ghosting", seriously affecting product quality. The graphic part should be placed in the drag-and-shoot, so as not to appear "ghosting".
3. paper bag pattern imposition should be careful not to save the film and the tray product line omitted, but rely on the print and print personnel in its mouth and the location of the finished product, it would greatly affect the productivity, also may print and print personnel oversight, caused a major accident.