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Printing paper, fine paper and card usage difference

Dec 23, 2016

Characteristics of coated paper is paper a very smooth, smooth high gloss. Because the whiteness of coating above 90%, and very fine particles, Super calender after calender, so the smoothness of paper is generally 600~1000s. Meanwhile, coating and evenly distributed on paper and showing beautiful white. Demand for coated paper is a thin, even coating, no bubbles, coating adhesive in appropriate quantity in case of printing process paper shedding hair, in addition, absorption of coated paper for p-xylene to appropriate.
Following detailed differences for coated paper and copper card:
First, characteristics of coated paper
1, molding: a molding
2, material: high quality raw material
3, thickness:
4, paper: fine
5, good dimensional stability: all
6, strength: