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Saving the Environment with Paper Bags

Jul 12, 2017

If your Grocery store does not offer paper bags ask them do not give you plastic bags. That’s how important saying NO to plastic is to our environment. Try switching to paper bags instead of plastic in the next time when you go grocery shopping.

Paper bags are much better for our environment, and they can be easily recycled. If you are an animal lover, you could be saving animals around the World just by switching to paper bags.


Paper Bags are able to hold more items per bag -- anywhere from 50 to 400 percent more, depending on how they're packed. The numbers here assume that each paper bag holds 50 percent more than each plastic bag, meaning that it takes one and half plastic bags to equal a single paper bag.

Paper Bags Recycling - If you compost them, the bags break down and turn from paper into a soil rich nutrient. This transformation occurs in just a couple of months.