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Spot-color printing on paper packaging control techniques

Dec 23, 2016

Currently most of the packaging printing companies on the spot color measurement and control methods are backward, most rely on the worker's experience in deployment of spot-color inks. The drawback is the ratio of the spot-color ink to do precise enough, deployment time, subjective factors. Some large powerful packaging enterprises have adopted the spot color matching system to manage them.
Spot color matching system by computer, color matching software, spectral photometer, analytical balance, ink, ink exhibition Gaging composition. The system will often use paper, ink the parameters included in the database, using color matching software to provide customers with a spot color computer matching by using spectrophotometer measuring CIE Lab value, density, e, thus realizing a spot color matching of data management.
Common spectrophotometers on the market today with United States X-Rite and Switzerland Gretag two brands. Various Spectrophotometers, used to measure the color difference is a different calculation methods, which will bring different tolerances.