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The history of lamination

Apr 11, 2018

 Lamination technology was born in the 1950s and was first adopted by the U.S. Army. China's laminating technology was inspired by the Japanese calendar card in the mid-1960s, and it was successfully tested on printed matter and soon became widely used.

Before 1995, the domestic coating type laminating machine had only the oily laminating machine. The adhesive used in the machine contained volatile organic substances such as toluene and thinner, which caused some harm to the human body and polluted the environment. The film needs to be dried and applied with high pressure, so it has high power consumption, low efficiency, and a high risk factor. With the increasing popularity of green environmental protection, in May 1996, the water-based film began to attract people's attention. To meet the needs of environmental protection, the SFl020 automatic water-based laminating machine was developed in time, and the original version was immediately printed and printed. . The successful development of the domestic water laminating machine opened a new page in the history of China's lamination technology and ended the history of water laminating machines relying entirely on imports.