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What is the gold card paper?

Dec 25, 2018

Gold card paper is a kind of reprocessed synthetic paper, which is used as the surface of the base board to synthesize aluminum foil or PET aluminum film. It's a very common kind of special paper.

Gold paper is relatively hard, with a shiny surface, very bright, the surface can be made into a laser beam or colorful effect, color variety, pattern diversity, mainly used for color printing packaging,

Applicable to cigarette, liquor, food, cosmetics, toothpaste boxes, medicines and gifts packaging industry, boxes, boxes, printing, packaging.

Grams vary from 120 to 350, and bottom weight is generally used for inner box packing, high weight, very hard texture, usually used to make outer boxes.

Have the aluminum foil paper and PET aluminum film gold paper, color and adjustable depth, depth adjustable brightness, light and matte surface to do processing, can be compressed into different patterns.

At the end of the paper a white card, double coated, plastic, recycled paper, gray board paper, red card at the end of paper for more choices.

gold card paper bag