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why more and more persons choose kraft paper bag

May 24, 2017

with more and more customer stop to use plastic bag cause of environment essue,paper bags have get a great chance to instead of plastic so far.Because there is no other substitude bags have these features as below:

First is environment.Most of paper bags on the market don’t have much more chemical material that will not pollute our earth.

Second is reusable.Plastic bags also have this feature,but it will harm our earth when we don’t need it and throw it into dustbin.paper bags can use it several times unless it still can work.

Third,paper bag can use different surface treatment to meet customers’ different logo or pattern design.

That are why more and more persons choose paper bag,and not choose plastic bags.

Sealioin Packaging as a professional kraft paper bag manufacturer,strictly follow these three features to produce paper bags that customer like it.

custom shopping bags.jpg