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Are You Still Worried About Customizing Paper Bags?

Aug 31, 2019

As for customized paper bags, some customers will ask how much it costs at the beginning, but I really can't give you a quotation, because we don't know what exactly you want. Here's how to customize paper bags and get quotes faster and more accurately. 

  1. The amount you buy, which has a big impact on the price. When we customize paper bags, there will be some fixed costs, such as printing startup cost and production mold cost, which are fixed costs. If we customize less, the Shared price of each product will be higher. Therefore, when we want to customize paper bags, we must tell the merchant the quantity, so as to get an accurate price.

  2.  The customized paper bags are related to the materials. The production costs of paper with different weight and weight are different. Conversely white card paper made gift paper bag and kraft paper made gift paper bag, how can the price be the same.

  3.  When customizing a kraft paper bag, if you really don't understand anything, you can provide a budget to the merchant, and the merchant can customize the size according to your budget. Therefore, when you customize the paper bag, you need to quote according to these factors. If you don't understand, we will help you answer this question.

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