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Brown Paper Bag-inevitable Trend Of Promoting Environmental Protection

Dec 23, 2016

"Brown paper bag" is made of composite material into a bag. As kraft paper bags made of materials with nontoxic, odorless, environmentally friendly features, so "brown paper bag" meet green consumer at the same time worthy of becoming an internationally recognized environmental protection products. Major shopping malls and supermarkets everywhere at home and abroad, "brown paper bag" traces, he was like a little Warrior, accompanied by our daily life, and help us share the load.
Shopping can only be limited to the hands of the people able to carry a number of items of traditional thought, because kraft bag appears to be broken, many consumers are no longer as concerned about buying stuff won't ruin shopping mood. If kraft bag with the birth of promoting the development of the entire retail industry, perhaps exaggerated, but at the very least it revealed a phenomenon to the business, in customer shopping experience is the greatest degree of easy, convenient and comfortable before, simply cannot forecast how much consumers will buy it. And because of this, attracted the attention of later shopping experience for consumers, while promoting the later development of supermarket shopping carts and baskets.