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Cardboard Paper Gift Box Application

Aug 31, 2017

In the middle of August, our company - guangzhou sealion packaging company attended Magic Show In Las Vegas. Many clients visit our booth and there have plenty of questions about paper bags and boxes was asked. After i conclude questions that was asked by clients, i foud out several questions were frequently asked.

1." I want a paper box to pack my necklace, when i attend a party, i want it regard as a gift paper box, how do i choose this kind of paper box? ---This is common question asked by client. Because all of us know the necklace is large than bracelet when necklace spread. So i have an idea for this customer how to choose paper packing box as gift. The first, surface of paper box need to look quanlity, touch it like linen, and customized logo base on color. So, Below paper box is suitable for necklace packing:

S Gift Box.jpg

2. " I Need a paper box that can pack my bracelet, it is better if the size is suitable for bracelet"--- It is easy to make a paper box to pack bracelet, just measure the diameter of bracelet, And paper box width is bigger than diameter is ok, that is key point how to choose nice label to paste it on paper box.It is better use irisdesent paper because of its burnish.

Yellow Box.jpg

3."I running a underwear shop, my customers like to carry a box rathan than paper bag, if so, which kind of paper box should i need"--- From clients' view, underwear quality is first, then the packing. After clients compare two or three shops, clients usually want to get a nice packing rather than cheap price of underwear. If choose paper bag, that need a small and exquisite with logo paper bag, But if choose paper box, that also follow small and exquisite rule. See pictures as below, paper bags and boxes are suit for underwear packing:


Drawer Box.jpg