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Coated And Non-coated Clothes Bag Which Is Better

Dec 23, 2016

Paper bags for clothing, there is always such a tangled, garment bags, why the film is not covered, what kind of paper bag is better? Mai he packed only the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of bags for you to say, you want to give your product the paper bag covered with plastic film, it depends on your own:
1. coated paper is paper bags processed paper products raw materials coupled with a membrane, can be transparent or frosted! Now some of the color and pattern of the film, on a paper bag and is very tall, and coated paper bags, you can better waterproof, moisture-proof, but high cost.
2. non-coated paper bags, can be said to be this paper bags without plastic mulch, as long as it is coupled with the necessary printing, can produce directly into a paper bag, cost savings, easier, there is also one of the biggest advantages of environmental protection that automatically weathered, but also disadvantages their waterproof features just so much.
In short the two paper bags, is different, each has features and see if you like your clothing needs, Mai he provides you with a variety of craft paper bag packaging, order free!