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The Color Box Of The Product Is Eye-catching,Bringing Out The Importance Of Packaging

Jun 03, 2019

As an indispensable part of modern products,the packaging carton plays an important role in housing, protecting products and aesthetics.Merchants should pay attention to the fact that the carton packaging design highlights the novelty and beauty of the product.This can also add points to the product in terms of marketing purpose and brand beauty. As a direct visual impact to the customer, it can often attract attention.As an indispensable industry,it has been widely used in electronics, food, beverages, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and other industries and product packaging and other industries.

Advantages of the color box packing

1.Color box packaging is generally personalized, flexible and flexible, and the design is very close to the product requirements.

2.Lightweight and easy to carry, with a wide range of raw materials, environmentally friendly, green and non-polluting, and high recycling rate

3.It is clean and firm, can be sealed tightly, and can also choose different insert options according to actual needs in the box. It has good dustproof and moisture proof performance and can effectively protect the safety of goods.

4.Compared with other packaging materials, the color box has the advantages of high quality and low price. Because it is easy to fold and lay flat, the warehouse cost is greatly saved; the light weight is convenient for transportation, and greatly save the logistics transportation cost .

Product packaging should be combined with the current popular culture to convey the brand image. It not only reflects the concept of environmental protection, but also becomes an important sales highlight.