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Common Gift Box Materials

Jul 26, 2019

What are the gift box materials?

Today, the design of gift boxes is an art, which not only reflects the value of the goods, but also the image of company.

When we talk about packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is the material of the box. What are the common boxes for gift boxes?

Paper products, we can find that the gift box packaging seen in the market is the majority of paper products, the packaging box of paper products has degradable characteristics, not only environmental protection but also low cost.

Plastic products, paper products are more easily packaged by water. At this time, plastic products can replace paper products. Plastic products have the characteristics of low cost and strong plasticity, and plastic packaging has good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali.

Bamboo products, such materials are generally suitable for packaging products that create a natural and simple image, but the cost of bamboo products is high, and generally the use on packaging will be less.

Glass products , it can  gives us a crystal clear feeling that can make our packaging look more graded. Such packaging will attract customers who value the appearance. Of course, glass products are fragile and cost. 

In the mainstream environment of environmental protection, paper packaging is more popular among consumers. On a surface that is folded into a box shape with cardboard, a thin piece of paper is placed on it. This kind of box is not only very strong, but also very textured. At the same time, we can also add some high-end craftsmanship on the surface, such as bronzing, hot silver, UV printing, etc.

Of course, the quality of the packaging is also related to the quality of the material. The same packaging made with different materials gives people different effects.
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How to design and choose a gift box with high cost performance and beautiful appearance is very worth considering, so I hope that through the above content, we can have a better understanding and understanding of the box products.