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Is It Difficult To Customize A Personalized Mailer Box?

Aug 02, 2019

Are you still worried about customizing the mailer box? A well-developed network, convenient transportation, and more and more skilled workers, these hard conditions should be able to satisfy the whims of your heart. However, in the eyes of the business, it is a headache for the custom mailer box. If you have this trouble, please read the following carefully.


The  mailer box is mainly a branch of the carton, named after the shape of the aircraft. There is another feature of themailer box, which is that it can be easily packed without the use of tape. In fact, this is because the structure of the mailer  box is special. The outer support points are stronger than ordinary cartons, and the force points of the entire box can be dispersed to the four sides of the fulcrum. We can start from these aspects when we customize:


1. Select the number of layers; the main material used formailer box customization is corrugated paper. Generally, there will be 3 layers and 5 layers. Generally, smaller products will be made of 3 layers of corrugated paper, such as clothes, small ornaments, etc. The choice of 5 layers of thickness is relatively large or high pressure resistance requirements, such as LCD screens, electronic products, etc., you can choose the right material according to the type of product being transported.

2. Personalized customization

You just need to tell your supplier what time it is, a beautiful custom aircraft box will appear in front of you.

1 Tell the supplier your LOGO, special color or other elements

2 Decide the number you need, is 30 or 30,000

3 Your custom brand box, what is your budget time?

After reading the above, do you still find it difficult to customize the aircraft box? Tell me what you think, customize the exclusive aircraft box for you.