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Development Inevitability Of Packaging Printing Technology For Hand Bag

Sep 18, 2017

    With the advent of economic globalization, in particular, the involvement of foreign high value-added packaging handbags, the impact of traditional old-fashioned and almost unchanged packaging equipment and packaging molding technology, brought new opportunities and challenges, an automated, intelligent bag packaging technology in the gradual improvement of the product only to adapt to products, semi-finished packaging, the premise of the superior level, the full use of new materials, new technology, new technology, and the new style and requirements of the favorable timing of the market concept, in order to continuously eliminate the old product process, in order to adapt to the emergence of different grades of new commodity packaging needs.Hand bag

    As a plastic packaging printing, especially in the hand-held plastic bag industry, how to face this sudden new situation and new features and new requirements, only training specialized technical personnel, in the accelerated development of plastic tote bags towards multiple coexistence and Low-cost high-quality added value of plastic tote bags (affecting its quality of many factors Hand bag

     But its strength is often a measure of the product's important indicators in the direction of development, in order to correctly understand and face the other areas of the mobile bag products (such as straw, teng, bamboo wood, and even metal wire strips of portable packaging products), to meet the fragmentation of market packaging share of the fierce challenge.Hand bag

    In order to facilitate the use of goods, can only grasp the design of the visualization and graphics and text decoration, especially the introduction of knowledge, art content, and for different packaging bags for the formation of appropriate gravure printing, flexible letterpress printing, hole screen printing technology.Hand bag