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Difference Between Wine Kraft Paper Bag And Shopping Paper Bag

Dec 26, 2017

wine is an alcoholic beverage made from wheat, rice, fruit, without any addition of sugars, acids. That is popular among different consumers via 18 to 68 years old, no matter in bar or regard it as gift. Every holiday season, wine comsumption is strong demand than usual days. But some of consumers may already find out that wine paper bag is much smaller than shopping paper bag. Here shows that reasons why wine paper bag different from shopping paper bag:


FIRST, The wine paper bag size small, usually design wine paper bag as square bottom base on wine bottle is small and it has long neck. If use shopping bag to pack the bottle, the large extral space can not fix the wine bottle inside, but wine paper bag can do it. For saving material and reduce cost, we design wine paper bag long neck and narrow.

Second,The biggest difference between wine bags and other paper bags lies in his pressure per unit area is higher, more strictful material requirements. Narrow bottom design, Making the wine bag at the bottom of the unit load on the greater intensity, which requires the choice of raw materials, wine bags need a high grade grams of cardboard, and other paper bags due to the force area is wide, the pressure is easy to disperse in grams, and that is why paper grams request is lower than other paper bag.


THIRD, compare wine paper bag with other paper bags, the wine paper bag can compatable wine box well.

When we choose gift packaging, we will note that wine paper box combine with wine paper bag or wine paper bag pack wine bottle separately. Some of the direct use of hand-held paper bag as a carton to carry out the design concept, this wine bag integrated design, allowing you to save costs at the same time, improve their own grade.

In general, similar to clothing, gifts, many of these things do not need cartons for packaging.