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The External Form Of Business Value Is Packaging

May 13, 2019

Recently I saw an article in which the external form of everything that has commercial value in the field of circulation is packaging. Indeed, this is like the old Chinese saying: people rely on clothes, and Buddhas rely on gold. The value of a commodity is reflected in its packaging. If the outer packaging of a commodity is very beautiful, then this product is not bad. As shown in the picture below.


According to this package, we can see that this is not only a tonic, but also a luxury gift.

At the same time, such packaging is not only the outerwear of the product, but also the value extension of the product, forming the added value of the product.


After the products are used up, the packaging can be reused. In addition to increasing the added value of the products and reducing the amount of packaging waste, enterprises and consumers can do their best for environmental protection.