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Are You Still Hesitant About The Environmental Protection Of Kraft Paper Bags?

Jul 05, 2019

 Kraft paper bags cost more than plastic bags, but many merchants are still willing to use kraft paper bags as packaging bags. Why do so many merchants prefer to use their own kraft paper packaging to increase their own costs? One of the reasons is that more companies are paying attention to environmental protection and taking environmental protection as a part of their corporate culture. Therefore, they choose a more environmentally friendly and recyclable paper bag instead of a plastic bag.


Of course, there are still some people on the market who still have different views on the environmental protection of kraft paper. In general, the people who think that kraft paper packaging is not environmentally friendly are mainly the manufacturing process of kraft paper and the selection of raw materials. They believe that the pulp in paper packaging is obtained by cutting down trees and causing damage to the ecological environment. The other is mainly that paper will emit a large amount of sewage during the production process, causing water pollution.

In fact, these views are somewhat lopsided and backward. Nowadays, the big-name kraft paper manufacturers generally use the integrated production of forest pulp, that is, the trees that are felled in the forest area are planted through scientific management to ensure that their ecology is not affected by destructive effects. The road to sustainable development. And with the continuous development of technology, the waste water generated in the production process of kraft paper needs to be processed to meet national emission standards before it is allowed to be discharged.


In addition, kraft paper packaging is 100% recycled and reused, which is an important point for kraft paper over other material packaging. Even if it is, kraft paper will soon be degraded in the soil. Unlike plastic packaging, which is difficult to degrade, causing “white pollution” has a devastating effect on the soil and the environment. Moreover, considering the speed of China's current take-out development, if plastic bags are used for packaging and take-out, the plastic bags that are sold out every day can circle the earth, so we should reduce the use of plastic bags for our own living environment.

      As can be seen from the above discussion, kraft paper bags are indeed more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, so you don't have to worry about this, but in order to reduce the impact on nature, we should reduce the number of takeaways, degradable kraft paper bags one day. It will also make the earth unbearable.

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