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Our Slogan Is That Paper Bags Are Recycled And Environmentally Friendly

Jun 18, 2019

  As we all know ,Plastic bags are known as "the worst inventions of humans in the 20th century."It is not easy to degrade, affects the environment, and pollutes the soil, water and air. It is often buckled with a "white pollution" hat.

  In the mondern life ,people know that plastic bags are harm to our environment.So they change the lifestyle,they begin to use the paper bags.Compared with plastic bags, paper bags are non-polluting and can be reused. Plastic bags are seriously polluted and cannot be reused, resulting in serious pollution;


The last ,how to reuse the paper bags become a concern problem.As far as i am concern,

fristly,the shopping paper bag left behind can continue to be loaded, because the paper bag will always be better than the one in the cabinet. After all, the dust will fall in the cabinet for a long time, but the paper bag can be kept from falling on the clothes as long as it is sealed.


Then choose the cleanest paper bag to put some food, so the preservation is often much better than some plastic wrap. So the paper bag can also be filled with food and then preserved.

........a lot of thing can be reclyed to use the paper bags

In the last ,I hope that people can more reuse the paper bags.Care for the environment, starting with recycling paper bags