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Fashion Of Kraft Paper Bag

Jul 22, 2019

牛皮纸Fashion is a circle. The products of the trend of the past few years are not popular now. The products that were popular decades ago are now re-popular. But there is a paper bag that seems to never exit the fashion circle. This is the kraft paper bag, which is very popular with everyone because of its unique retro nature. Then why our company's kraft paper bags are deeply loved by customers. First of all, it uses imported raw materials made of enamel paper. Not only the texture is better, the stiffness is better, and the use is more convenient and convenient, and it is a very practical and cost-effective paper bag. Here are some of its advantages

1. Low carbon, environmental health

  The raw material is made of high-grade imported kraft paper, which is degradable and easy to decompose, and can be recycled. Affordable and environmentally friendly. It is a true low carbon environmentally friendly product.

2. Durable and easy to use

  Storage time is up to 50 years and the shading performance is good. The boxed wide mouth design, large capacity, sturdy and durable, is also very convenient to pick and place things.

3. Micro-reflective design to protect the eyes

  The kraft paper of the kraft paper box is made of paper with slight yellowing, which has low light-emitting ability and will not cause strong stimulation to our eyes, which is more conducive to protecting our vision.

And our kraft paper bag is to meet these needs, not only to meet the consumer's demand for environmental protection, but also beautiful and generous, is a good choice for shopping!