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Gift Boxes Design Elements

May 18, 2017

Six Essentials of Gift box design

Gift box is often seen in our daily life, from the aesthetic point of view, some are impressed us, some are not to accept the fundus, this mainly depends on the gift box design elements, a successful packaging and design is inseparable, following with me into the design elements:

(1) Gift Box selection: The correctness of material selection directly affects the competitiveness of commodities, so the first part is very important;

(2) Gift Boxes Packaging color: Design color and product best coordination, this is important, this is stimulating consumer consumption composition elements, a reasonable combination of tones, highlighting the characteristics of the product, to the customer a strong appeal;

(3) Gift Boxes Packaging shape: According to the physical properties of the product design packaging shape is very important, we also need to transport, display and other factors in the consideration;

(4) Gift Boxes The Pattern of the box: This is to leave the user impression of the core element of the product, is also a test designer's main elements, indispensable, very critical;

(5) Gift Boxes Merchandise Tags: This part of the content can let us have a certain understanding of merchandise, including brands, production date, validity period, the use of methods and so on;

(6) Gift Boxes Brand: Each commodity has its own exclusive brand, this physical property is its unique, not other products can have, we want to ensure its accuracy.

Gift box focus on color collocation

Gift Boxes In life we have seen a variety of gift boxes, good quality, poor quality, the theme with reasonable, unreasonable, prominent themes, not outstanding merchandise, and so on, in short, gift box color collocation is very important. We have some understanding of the gift box, the following gift packaging factory for you to introduce color collocation, a more comprehensive understanding of gift culture.

Gift Boxes Color collocation is very important, if collocation is not good, the most direct feedback is to let the user to produce direct reverse psychology, this is the sale of the taboo, so color collocation is very important, the cohesion between color should also be coordinated, give people fresh feeling, exquisite is to give us the best evaluation, but also the test of design talent. General vegetable and fruit selection with green collocation, highlighting product characteristics, protection of the eyes, more gift box selection with bright colors to match, not the premise of grades, improve product quality.