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Good News That Workshop Have Finished Kraft Paper Bag Produce

Jul 28, 2017

Last month, one of my colleague get a kraft paper bags order from African customer. They appoint delivery time is 20 days base on order quantity is 20,000pcs. After receive customer drawings about paper bag, engineers analasis how soon we can finish this order. (Even though they appoint 20 days delivery). After discussing, they make a plan to finish this order.

First, purchase material according to kraft paper bags quantity.

Second, check the machine running sitiuation. It needs to make sure machine can smooth well, and dont want to have any accident happen for any order.


Third,Arrange workers working time(Start work early, off work early). Because at this time, it is hot summer season, we need to make sure workers performs  good.


At last, with the help of teams. we finish this paper bag order within 19days.  Cool!!! Sealion.