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Handbag In The Form Of Hand Bag

Sep 28, 2017

With the development of the petrochemical industry, following the daily packaging products of paper and iron hand-held bags (barrels, boxes, cans), the market is almost dominated by polyethylene plastic (which came out of Germany in 1930) On behalf of the plastic portable bag products are also pretty appearance in the market.Hand bag

 After half a century of production, marketing, application, its style has been from the initial network and cylinder to the three sides sealed and perforated portable, etc., has reached hundreds of varieties. This is because the packaging is thin and transparent, light and not water, can be folded and easy to carry, high strength and low cost characteristics, by the people of all ages, and to consumers with greater choice and market regulation space.Hand bag

Multi-coexistence of portable packaging products so that the current dazzling array of goods (including fruits, vegetables) filled the market and the community in every corner. But also to us to create a lot of benefits, such as the goods into the bag, without bundling or packaging, can be on the line. With the time do not need to release the traditional rope, come up with the use of goods.Hand bag

Packaging and printing industry has lost no time in its style, decoration design on the big brains, to promote the extrusion blown tube polyethylene bag, to the multi-plastic rolling, casting and polishing or composite methods such as flexible packaging plastic portable Bag a more than a new, one more than the United States, a more than a kind of cheap, fast, simple, clean and close to the public life, has won widespread praise.Hand bag

In order to meet the convenience of the use of goods, can only grasp the design of the shape of the visualization and graphic decoration, in particular the introduction of knowledge, artistic content, and for different bags forming a moderate gravure printing, flexible letterpress printing, Printing ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, ink, Electronic smart ink, ink to read, anti-counterfeiting ink, inkjet ink, etc. for different gravure, flexible letterpress printing, silk screen.Hand bag