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Hang Paper Tag You Know Other Categories Of Labels

Jun 30, 2017

    As early as 1700, Europe printed out the first labels used in medicines and cloth as a commodity. So, now the label is used to mark your product goals and categories or content, like the key words you set for your goals, to make it easier for you and others to find and locate your goals. The label of the printing industry, most of which is used to identify the relevant instructions of their products, and most of them are on the back with adhesive. But there are also some printing without glue, can also be called labels. Adhesive labels are commonly known as "Self-adhesive label." After the calibration of the instrument, this is a national uniform (or its own provincial regulations) label, the label can clearly explain the details of the instrument after the calibration.hang paper tag
   Network label (tag) is an Internet content organization, is a strong correlation keyword, it helps people easily describe and classify content, in order to facilitate the retrieval and sharing, tag has become a key element of Web 2.0. The label will content the organization right from the webmaster to the user's hand, fully embodies the WEB2.0 bottom-up, User participation features. If you have visited Flickr (photo), Technorati (blog), etc web2.0 Site you will find that the site uses tags (tag) to display content, users use tags to describe content and retrieve related content. The "open categorization" used by Baidu Encyclopedia is also a form of labelling. Sina Weibo uses tags.hang paper tag
   RFID tags, also known as radio frequency tags, transponder, data carrier; The reader is also called a readout device, a scanner, a reader, a communicator, and a reader (depending on whether the RFID tag can overwrite data wirelessly). The space (contactless) coupling between the RFID tag and the reader is realized through the coupling element, and in the coupling channel, the energy transfer and data exchange are realized according to the temporal relation. Electronic tags are a tool to improve the efficiency and accuracy of recognition, which will completely replace the barcode. RFID Radio Frequency identification is a non-contact automatic recognition technology, which automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant data through the RF signal, and can work in all kinds of bad environment without manual intervention. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple tags at the same time, easy to operate. RFID tag is a breakthrough technology: "First, you can identify a single very specific object, instead of just being able to identify a class of objects like a barcode, the second is that it uses radio frequencies to read data through external materials, and barcodes must be read by lasers; third, you can read multiple objects at the same time, and the bar code can read only one by one. In addition, the amount of information stored is very large. ‚ÄĚhang paper tag