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Hot Stamping And Silvering Process

Aug 02, 2019

微信图片_20190802185634The hot stamping and silvering process is a prominent skill of our Guangzhou New Impression Design Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., which is a traditional method of landscaping and landscaping. It is often used in many paper packaging. Our company is good at using silk screen printing and hot stamping. The new process, the principle is to add special chemicals in the printing paste, so that the flower position presents a particularly beautiful gold and silver, and the color sample is durable, does not fade, attracting many customers, our hot stamping silver process is crystal coated The gold-light printing paste of the material is centered on a special crystal, coated with a brightness enhancement layer, a titanium film layer and a metallic luster deposition layer. It can be exposed to the air for a long time without darkening, has good weather resistance and high temperature resistance, and is printed. The back feels good. At present, the silver-light printing paste coated with mica coating improves the durability of the aluminum powder, and the mica coating silver printing paste is basically similar to the mica titanium pearl printing paste, that is, the temperature during the coating of the titanium film continues to increase. It can get the same light as silver. The thickness of the titanium film is different, and it can diffract silver of different colors. Mica coated silver printing paste has good compatibility with chemicals. After printing on the product, the fastness is also good, and it can maintain long-lasting silver light. Our craft of making paper bags is completely new to our customers.