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How To Be A Successful Packaging

Dec 23, 2016

1, packaging
Packaging lets consumers have an intuitive feeling for packaging products, such as touch, sight or smell. The overall package is mainly the establishment of an external experience, such as smell, texture, structure and Visual effects. For example: some feel within the package extraction products smell to attract guests, such as toast, barbecue, chocolate or fruit scent, smell of the extract in adhesive or coating by Fusion, so that the whole package is filled with tempting flavor. This method can be used in a link between products and consumers. Packaging is humane considerations about maintaining product integrity.
2, intelligent packaging
Intelligent packaging should be used to test package structure or material deviation fields. For example, the detection of density packaging Board materials, determine whether the tray had sufficient stiffness to meet product requirements, such as ensuring that fruit juices or milk is not leaking out. Laser inspection technology, food packaging design of multiple parameters can be measured, such as micro-structure of packaging and printing inks. Intelligent packaging contains a large number of products inside the packaging information, it will be marked and monitoring system combines an extended tracking system to check product data. Intelligent packaging through the inside of the sensing elements, or advanced bar code information system and trademarks, and to take advantage of packaging and packaging principle to tracking and monitoring products. Using UV and EB inks can effectively avoid deformations in the barcode, for more accurate data, you can also use the data chip or micro-point detection system control.