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How To Choose Paper Bag Size And Style For Your Enterprise

Nov 10, 2017

Most of clients dont know what size they are seeking and which kind of paper bags suit for enterprise value, except the clients that purcase offten or they have own designer. Below several size is most poopular on the market for us reference:

Product NameWideDepthHeight
Paper bag33cm9cm45cm
Paper bag28cm8cm42cm
Paper bag25cm8cm35cm

THere also some customers dont like size above, they prefer customized if they want to buy paper bags, anyway, the datas above can provide basic size for refering when you have decision.


When we have desicion of paepr bag, we need to plan which kind of paper bag style is best. So, we should do plans as below:

Adequate research is the guarantee of successful planning. In the planning of the packaging image of enterprise products, 

first of all should be extensive and in-depth investigation inside and outside the enterprise. The survey includes business

philosophy, development goals, product structure, packaging status, etc. the survey objects include senior leadership, marketing personnel, production management personnel, quality management personnel and product wholesalers, retailers and users of products.


After we finish market research, we need to consult professional institude for ideas. Because from experts view, we usually can find out what we can not find out. Base on their suggestions, now we can propose our plan. After every details confirm. that means this plan is finished.