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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Apple Paper Bag

Aug 10, 2017

                In order to help growers friends buy a satisfactory paper bag, the production of both economic and efficient fruit, we must strictly put the quality of the paper bag, Apple paper bag quality mainly from the following aspects to identify:

                A, paper bag shading selection of a paper bag, set in an open incandescent bulb, observe the light through the paper bag. If the light penetration is poor, the paper bag shading is good, otherwise, the paper bag shading is poor. The color of the paper bag is good or bad, and it decides the speed and degree of the apple coloring after picking the bag.Paper Bags

                Second, paper bag waterproof water pouring paper bag, if the water in the paper bag to form beads, indicating that the paper bag water absorption is poor, waterproof property is good; if it is dispersed on paper bags, it shows that the paper bag is absorbent and waterproof. The waterproof property of paper bag can determine the strength of the paper bag resistant to rain, determine the service life of the paper bag, and also affect the infection of the fruit by the spoilage bacterium or the weak parasitic bacterium. The waterproof of paper bags often has a direct relationship with the quality of paper, and there are 3 ways to identify paper.Paper Bags

                 1, tearing method transverse tear paper bag, hairy stubble for wood pulp paper, high strength, if the tear mouth neat without stubble, the grass pulp paper or wood pulp composition is less, low strength. 2, after burning the fire, paper molding does not break the paper quality is good, paper broken and not formed paper quality. 3, hand rubbing the paper bag soaked in water for a period of time, after taking out with both hands to rub, do not fluff or rubbing to indicate good paper quality.Paper Bags

                Third, the paper bag permeability of the paper bag sealed in the cup mouth full of boiling water, paper air to show that the permeability of the bag is good; The permeability of paper bags affects the occurrence of fruit disease and the smoothness of fruit surface in varying degrees.Paper Bags