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How To DIY Paper Bag Puppets With Your Kids?

Apr 08, 2019

 Funny paper bag puppets are easy to make and really fun for kids to play with. Whether it’s just markers who create your puppet or you decorate with yarn, paper and buttons, they’re a great project any time.



Paper bag puppets are perfect for pretend play. Kids can play by themselves, with a friend or sibling or even with a group of friends.


They can host their own puppet show and all you need to start with a simple paper bag.


Making the faces is the fun part! Let your kids use glue and yarn to create hair. They can make pig tails by tying several yarn strands together with a piece of ribbon. Cheeks can be make using markers or pink crayon, I used circles I cut from pink construction paper. Medium pom poms make great noses, and googly eyes will finish off  the face. Look for the googly eyes with lashes for girl puppets!


Dressing them up is just as fun as giving their face some character. Use scrapbook paper to create simple clothes, ribbon makes great collar trim! Once the clothes are glued in place, trim off the excess, being careful not to cut the bag.

Boys might like this spiked hair cut. Simply cut yarn into short strands and glue to the top of the bag. Remember, decorating is part of the fun, so let them have a ball!