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How To Find A Custom Paper Bag That Suits Your Product?

Aug 26, 2019

98a8a4df19ccea91cb7bf67c07a70f01 Don't forget to measure it! This is a prerequisite for our measurement of the box or bag.

First of all, the handles of custom paper bags are not all the same. Different handles can bring different feelings to consumers.

One of the main points that can make a custom paper bag unique is its handle. Although we are always looking for better paper bag accessories, but in different industries, the design thinking is different, we also need to consider the different functional needs of the retail industry, the gift industry or the grocery industry. Here are some popular handle styles for each requirement. Some of these different styles are popular with consumers because of their simple and clear appearance. Some are custom-made paper bag handles for professional stores or gift-giving industries, as well as stylish and easy-to-store handles. Each paper bag handle is unique and it is part of the entire bag.

Second, break the problem of low weight bearing of custom paper bags

Every business is looking for their own custom paper bags, quality is the top priority of customization. The bags we purchase are made of durable kraft paper. They are designed with simple and effective envelope structure. They can protect the goods well and keep the paper bag intact. The kraft paper is thick and reliable. This is a very suitable storage weight. Raw materials.

Third, why can't custom paper bags be fixed with gussets?

Many customers have given us this advice. As a custom paper bag manufacturer, we can easily understand that each person's products are different and the needs are different. These are personal choices. If you ask for such a demand, we will definitely satisfy everyone, but from a high probability, we will still use a custom paper bag without gusset! The floss and bottom of the custom paper bag are designed to be great, and their unique folding design allows you to store these packages with minimal space and indirectly provide more storage for your other items. Moreover, such products can save shipping costs better. For those who need a lot of money, these shipping costs can help you purchase more products, plus custom paper bags with closed and shrinking characteristics, which are very suitable for those who need more compact. , more closely attached items, and with the gusset these functions can not be achieved.

Customized paper bags are actually not so complicated. As long as we know clearly about some key elements of paper bags, we can get the best answer when we combine our own products and think carefully about bearing, handling and transportation. Are you clear about the three things that are custom made in these paper bags?