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How To Make Kraft Paper Bags From Waste Paper

Nov 23, 2017

Even though more and more people get informations from electrical book, there still have small part of persons get the news from newspaper. After we reading the newspaper, what will we do with the newspaper that we call it waste paper? Here will show you several steps how to make paper bags via waste paper like newspaper or wrapping paper:

Before making paper bag, we should prepare papers, scissors, glue, rope, pen and rulers. We need ruler helps us to assemble the bag size according to paper.


First Step, we choose a quality newspaper from waste,  use scissors cut off extra part that we dont use of. Color or patterned paper is ideal for this project. we  can make the paper bag size 38*24cm, or you can cut a rectangle any size you want;


Second, after we finish the fist step, we can use pen or glue decorate our paper bag outside. Usually we will decorate the bag before assembling bag, because it is diffcult once bag assembled. Painting different color or decorate with pieces of paper.