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How To Package The Paper Boxes

Oct 13, 2017

Carton paper box is the most widely used in domestic and foreign packaging, the most widespread of a form of loading, the reason is that paper materials are generally easy to take, a wide variety of colors, complete specifications, processing convenience. Another reason is that carton cartons designed for easy destruction, easy recovery and to ensure that the finished product quality is stable, reasonable price, easy to process and thus be widely welcomed by the community.Paper Boxes Straight carton Cartons This is the most common, currently more popular carton cartons. It is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, especially tablets. It is produced by stamping the paper skin with creases, removing unwanted portions, and then folding the side by machine or by hand to glue it to each other. Common are the following: The structure is very simple, there is no box of the top cover and bottom cover, one-way folded into a cylindrical shape. The universal suit is outside the chocolate and candy.Paper Boxes It is the representative of the straight-line carton box, which is divided into straight and back inserts because of the insertion direction of the two ends. The insertion structure (tongue) of the top and bottom lids of the straight-box boxes is on one side of the box surface. Back-inserting: the insertion structure of the top and bottom cover of the box (tongue!) It is on the different sides of the box face and the bottom of the box.Paper Boxes

There is no insertion structure for the carton box, depending on the drilling agent to glue the upper lid to the bottom. This box is suitable for powder and granular products. is a sturdy cardboard carton. It is one of the most economical materials for carton cartons because it has less insertion structure and is almost never cut off in its net area. Drawer-type carton box: It is developed on the basis of the insert tray, and the inserting bottom cover is changed into a locked structure. Because it saves the bonding process and can hold heavier products, such as cosmetics wine, medicine and other vertical products. So popular. In contrast to the insert, the same size of the paper tray because it eliminates the insertion structure of the bottom cover. Therefore the material is more economical.Paper Boxes