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How To Prepare For Your Texworld Show At New York

Jan 18, 2018

Every trade enterprises have a ambitious to attend industry show when their company achieve a great performans like earn big money, issue stock and so on. But it is not all the enterprises will do that, i mean after achieving the good performans and join the show. These companies want to expand their business via the show, like my company--Guangzhou Sealion packaging products Company.

Even though Texworld is a Apparel Show, i think it is relevant paper bags and paper boxes. Why do i say so? Because all the show participant are garments manufacture or distributors, but their buyers or partners are garments dealer, they need paper bags or paper boxes to pack their dress. As a experienced trade show participant, how to prepare show, some opinion for your reference:

1. Participant Passport. No matter which country you are going to, passport is the first important before you go to that country.

2. Samples prepare. Paper bags and paper boxes as sample, it must should prepare well, make sure shopping paper bags and gift paper box shows perfect. For go abroad easily, you should package the bags and ship them to destination advanced.

3. Prepare note books and pens for write down clients name and contact info, also something else. That is important for this, no contact information, no order comes. 

4. Book the hotel  advanced is also nessacery, because you are new person for local, everything is new. Book the hotel advanced will save your much time.

5. Down load every applications you need to use before you leave china, because you dont know how to charge mobile data flow in local if you download sth. Please note: Map application is very important for you, it can avoid to lost in new place.

6. Other things you also shoud prepare like local weather in one week, nearest bus station, and shortest way to show  etc.. We should consider everything that maybe happen before we start out, and prepare well. 

At last,  list one Letter of Invitation for you, if you have a business trip to New York during Jan 22nd to 24th, welcome to visit our booth.

Letter of invitation.jpg