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Introduction To Barcode Label Paper Tag

Aug 10, 2017

                In order to get a perfect quality label, in addition to the high quality barcode printer, a reasonable choice of label paper is also a very important link. At present, the barcode printer industry is the use of self-adhesive labels. So what exactly is barcode label paper? Self-adhesive label from the paper, surface paper and as the two adhesive glue, composed of three parts, from the paper, commonly known as "bottom paper", the surface is oily, the backing of the adhesive agent has a role in isolation, so use it as a surface paper attachment to ensure that the paper can be easily stripped from the bottom of the paper down. The bottom paper is divided into common bottom paper and Golasin (glassine) bottom paper, the ordinary bottom paper texture is coarse, the thickness is larger, according to its color has yellow, white and so on, general printing industry commonly used self-adhesive bottom paper for the economical yellow paper. Golasin (glassine) Bottom paper texture dense, uniform, has a good internal strength and transparency, is the production of bar code labels commonly used materials.Paper Tag

               Its commonly used colors are blue and white. We usually talk about label paper for coated paper, heat-sensitive paper and so on. Surface paper is the label of the content of the carrier, according to its material coated paper, heat-sensitive papers, PET, PVC and other categories. The surface of the paper is adhesive, it is on the one hand to ensure the substrate and surface paper of the appropriate adhesion, on the other hand, to ensure that the paper is stripped, but also with the paste with a strong adhesion.Paper Tag

               Here are a few common label paper for everyone to refer to: The Label: For bar code printer commonly used materials, its thickness is generally around 80g. Widely used in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tag, industrial production lines and so on coated paper label more places. To Sky Barcode label for many years of sales situation, in a variety of Chinese and foreign brands in the United States Avery paper, the Japanese Prince of paper users reflect the best, especially the American Avery copperplate label paper Performance, its white super smooth without coating paper, is the thermal transfer printing good basic materials. Pet Advanced label Paper PET is the English abbreviation of polyester film, it is a kind of macromolecule material actually.Paper Tag