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Introduction To The Size Of The Paper Bags

Sep 18, 2017

    Although there are many types of paper bags, but the majority of the market on the paper bag is rectangular, shape specifications, a single order is often a small print, the general use of Offsctdruckereien process to complete printing. Paper Bags

    Its production process is relatively simple, according to offset printing and prepress processing commonly used in the process of production can be completed. But if the special place for paper bags, to make some changes to the process method, you can save costs and improve production efficiency, the following talk about my experience in this area, for your reference.Paper Bags

    In most cases, the paper bag is not directly packaged products, but the product first installed in the carton or plastic bag, and then put in the paper bag, to facilitate the hand-held and look elegant, which makes the customer's size of the notebook paper bag is often less stringent requirements. According to the characteristics of hand-held paper bag, the author of our factory previously produced the notebook paper bag of long, wide and high size of the accurate statistical summary, according to the different height of the notebook paper bag classification number.Paper Bags

    The height of the hand-held paper bag is between 25cm and 30cm, and all in this height range of the hand-held paper bag molded version of the number, according to the serial number of custody, and in the notebook to specify the corresponding serial number of molded version of the exact size (including length, width and height), molded version of the layout Paper Bags

     Molded version of the mouth edge to the handle to fold the indentation line distance. When a customer comes to print a tote bag, first to find the table, have the same size of the best, if only the same size of the paper bag, you can negotiate with the customer can be similar to the size of the printed, such as the acceptance of customers, on this size to plate, printing, and then with the original molded version of the indentation processing, Save the cost and time of making molded plates.Paper Bags