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Recognize The Wide Range Of Uses Of Copy Paper

Jun 26, 2019

Copy paper, also known as Sydney paper, moisture-proof paper, product strength, high whiteness, good transparency, is a very important thin packaging paper.

The use of copy paper is very extensive:

1 Fruit packaging: Copy paper is an important paper in northern fruit packaging materials. It was mainly used to package Sydney. It was named Sydney paper, and it was also called dial paper. It was widely used in the packaging of various fruits and vegetables.

2 Clothing, footwear, leather goods, hardware packaging: in the South China market, copy paper is mainly used for packaging of clothing, footwear, leather goods, electroplating and other products.

3 Porcelain, wine, handicraft packaging: with moisture, ventilation, protection, stereotypes;

4 copy paper printing: copy paper has good printing effect, can print monochrome, two-color, four-color, six-color, corporate logo, trademark, pattern, etc., can be dyed into red, blue, gold, silver and other colors, It is called color copy paper.

Others: The copy paper is thin and tough, suitable for printing multiple copies of the book; used in book binding to protect the art works and play an aesthetic role. The copy paper is transparent, delicate and smooth, and is used to protect art works and make it look good in book binding.