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Kraft Paper In The Print Production Process What Matters Needed Attention

Dec 23, 2016
(1) before work to check maintenance of vacuum systems, pump at work before they are ready. Bellows vacuum cups of kraft paper was most effective. To ensure the air quality, and ensure that the suction cup at its best, should pay attention to make the necessary adjustments to achieve the best operational state.
(2) to improve the surface smoothness of kraft paper, due to the Kraft Board structure, Kraft loose and porous structure of surface smoothness than SBS paperboard and ordinary printed paper, makes the smoothness of the Kraft Board cannot be compared with the same quality of bleached Board. However, many food manufacturers are favored because of its apparent grade kraft paper plate rough look and feel. For example, kraft paper texture and structure, giving it a rough look and feel, so deeply processing affection. Smoothness of the kraft paper depending on the manufacturer, factory, provides a wide range of different smoothness of paper, printer to grasp the paper surface characteristics to ensure printing quality. If you need to smooth a slightly higher degree of substrate, consideration could be covered with a layer of paper, film and foil are very helpful, light can also improve the smoothness of the cardboard. In addition, kraft paper manufacturers are gradually improving the smoothness of kraft paper.