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Luxury Jewelry Box

Nov 13, 2018

Recently, I received an order of quite luxury paper jewelry boxes. I asked the buyer : Does it packing for best quality diamonds like D grade? He replied: No. Just for I grade one. Then I try to kindly remind him no need spend so much money on jewelry box for I grade. However, what he tell me is: With these luxury jewelry box. I cant sell I grade diamonds with D grade price, but I can make it the best I grade diamonds with best price.

pink jewelry box

It reminds me of my last jewelry purchase. I came into a jewelrys, and try to pick one, I asked many questions, pretending that I know it much(actually I don’t). Finally, I find one luxury jewelry box, its price is 10% higher than others. I bought it without any hesitation. Months later, one guy who is good at jewelry market, he told me that the quality of this diamond is same as the others which around it. That means, I paid more 10% only for the jewelry box!

Cost for packing is low in whole product, but it plays important role in sales volume, even net profit for per unit.

jewelry box 1