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Market Prospects For Mailer Boxes

Jun 25, 2019

  The mailer box refers to the packaging of the product by the paper box in order to protect the product, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales during the smooth and smooth process. Mailer boxes are one of the most widely used packaging methods. Different from wooden box packaging, woven bag packaging, cloth bag packaging, plastic box packaging, with the characteristics of easy material, light weight, easy printing, easy design and low cost, it is widely used in the sales packaging and transportation packaging of goods.


Due to the high cost performance of the mailer  box, many manufacturers can accept the special edition to order, can print their own logo, address, telephone and other information, but be sure to pay attention to the following points when ordering:

1.Choose the material that suits you (the vast majority use 3-layer E corrugated)

2.Because the mailer  box is a non-precision printing product, so you can not use complex patterns in the printing process, you must pay attention to the color when designing the logo is too much too complicated

3.the mailer box is heavy goods, the volume is not small, so the freight must be considered.