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Material Classification And Application Of Gift Boxes

Jun 30, 2017

    Gift box is a gift to express affection for the main purpose of a practical gift packaging, packaging is a function of the social needs of the extension. Gift Box is the embodiment of the mind, we do the gift of love or purchase of love goods, all exceptions to a package that embodies the effect, or romantic, or mysterious, or surprise, or shock, when you slowly open it is like open your heart of the Secret forest, show him you want to express the different mind, this is the meaning of gift box.Gift Boxes
    The gift box is divided according to the packing material: There are paper products, plastic products, metal, bamboo wood packaging, glass containers and composite materials, general gift boxes more paper packaging, which is related to China's traditional culture, we have a romantic feelings in mind, as if this can express the heart of solemn affection. and advocate Green Packaging, paper quality is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice, production and processing of simple packaging waste recovery rate is also high.Gift Boxes
     A new concept of gift giving. Gift box is not a real product, but 15-20 cards, each card represents a kind of leisure experience activities, by the person receiving the gift box according to their own preferences. This concept is from France and Belgium and other European countries into China, the development of the mainland gift box company has France Dan Haze, Box box ritual, etc., has a huge market potential.Gift Boxes
    Unlike traditional gifts, the choice of experience gift box is a series of fine selection of various kinds of enjoyment and service, presented a unique and wonderful experience. General optional Experience gift box appearance is small and exquisite, each box has a fine card or optional manual, representing more than 10 of businesses and their services. The recipient is free to choose one of his favorite services. It is also accompanied by an experience card for verifying identity and booking activities, with the experience of booking and free enjoyment. The Optional Experience gift box, which was born in France in 2003, became a gift-giving mode for the whole European market in a short time, and gradually spread to Japan, Brazil, the United States, Australia and so on.Gift Boxes