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Material Selection Of Paper Bags Custom

May 18, 2017

Material selection of paper bag custom

Paper Bags Now more and more promote the international environmental protection, domestic also issued a limit plastic order, so paper bags are more and more important, many enterprises in order to publicize themselves, will choose customized paper bags, so the paper bags custom-made materials to choose how?

Paper Bags The first most popular paper is the white Paper jam, because of its strong texture, generally 210 grams of the thickness of the weight of 5 kg foot, of course, if it is heavier leather or other items, with 250 grams of white card bearing effect will be better, and the printing effect is good, the price is moderate, generally for the high-end product selection. Coated paper is a non-common material, its quality is more soft than white cardboard, the conventional thickness of 175 grams, the printing effect and white cardboard, the same as the need to cover the film, the price is similar to the white cardboard.

Paper Bags In recent years, many foreign large brand garment bags have been popular with the use of 180 grams of white Kraft paper, they use white Kraft is more foreign production, this paper bag is more lightweight, not particularly large, because it is less load-bearing than white cardboard, but the printing is not easy to color, and do not need to cover the film, its price is also the highest of various materials, Kerry gift bag manufacturers often import this material. Of course, there is the use of cattle skin materials, its price is relatively cheaper than the paper below, but the printing effect is less than other materials, of course, imports of better than domestic.

Paper Bags If the product output value is not high, choose cheap packaging can save a lot of costs. Gray board and double-sided white material price is more cost-effective, can be said to be the most inexpensive in the paper class of a material. Gray paper, as the name implies, refers to the side is white, one side is gray paper, the lowest thickness is 250 grams, the hardness of some soft, the printing effect and white cardboard similar, also need to cover the film. Double-sided white and gray-board paper, but both sides are white, the middle is gray material, the price is more expensive than the gray sheet paper, can also be used to "charge" under the white cardboard.

Paper Bags About the material of the paper first to supplement so much, there is time will be detailed. However, in the selection of materials at the same time, the first to pay attention to the product of the grade match, second can not blindly pursue cheap, must be with the manufacturer of sample confirmation, attention and product collocation effect, lest cause "disharmony" the impact.

Paper Bags Through the above introduction, I believe you already know how to choose the paper bags custom-made materials to the bar!