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Mobile Phone Box Ordering Why Merchants And Manufacturers Do Not Need A Drawer Box

Jun 27, 2019

   Starting from the manufacturer responsible for the customization of this mobile phone box, the reason for refusing to make the mobile phone box into a drawer box type is very simple, because the drawer box believes that everyone has seen more, and has never seen a tall drawer box. This is the key to the problem. The inner box of the drawer box is to be loaded with mobile phones. With the development of social technology, the size of the mobile phone and the weight of the mobile phone are slowly changing, not to mention the large size of the plus model. The model, now the regular box type, is installed in the inner box, which will seriously increase the friction between the bottom of the inner box and the outer box. The feeling of pulling out will be obviously large. This is because the drawer box is not used for loading. This kind of heavy product is used to install jewelry and install some lighter products. The mobile phone is often much heavier than those decorations, so it is easy to affect the quality of the box itself and is dismissed.


 Since manufacturers have such concerns, what kind of considerations do the merchants who need to customize the mobile phone box? Yes, it is the practicality of the packaging box. As Xiaobian said, the height of the box itself is not high. This means that, contrary to the traditional two or three layers of accessories, the only way to remedy is to let the manufacturer adjust the length of the carton. This design looks like a carton version. The blackboard has the same rectangular shape, long and flat, which increases the floor space of the flat, and the storage is good. The transportation industry will invisibly increase the cost. Therefore, this reason also makes the merchant not choose such a box. type


  From the point of view of the carton factory and the merchant itself, it is not difficult to find that the box type customized by the mobile phone box is actually not matched with the drawer box. As the saying goes, who should stand in what position, what should be done? What do I think is the truth.