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Must The White Cardboard Be Covered?

Sep 18, 2019

Many of the current white cardboard bags have a laminate. Because the film can improve the toughness and breakage of the paper, protect the printed image, and improve the service life and aesthetics of the handbag. The problem is that the white cardboard gift bag must be covered with film. If it does not cover the film, what will happen? 


The biggest characteristic of white cardboard is high hardness, smooth and firm. Because it is a single-sided coating, the printed image is not as sharp and clear as double copper paper, and the color expression is not good. If the white cardboard gift bag is not covered, the paper is more brittle after printing, and the printed image may fade, and when the indentation is made, the line is easily broken. Even when it was shipped, the gift bag didn't look like a problem, but the quality was not guaranteed. It was easy to have problems in the later period. The most serious ones were rework or loss of customers forever.


Is it only the process of covering the film to protect the paper bag? In fact, it is not. If the budget is sufficient, you can also use oil or UV printing. Both can protect the gift paper bag and extend the service life of the gift paper bag.